Vervent TI Commercial Remodel

We are working on a project in Milwaukee, OR that consists of multiple roller shades from Springs Window Fashions. Each unit can be controlled individually. They have chosen to use Black Fascia and a light grey toned fabric. In this blog you will see our crew installing these roller shades along a wall of windows. And a few photos of window film being installed. This job ended up being a night job and we had arrived early in the morning to start and no one was there. OOPS! But we were able to accommodate the needs of the owners here by not making any loud noises during the day and were able to start tackling this project in the evening. Not our preferred time schedule, but we made the most of it as we could from 5 pm to 3 am. We were able to get a big portion of the organization completed and then were able to move on to the installation. Now as I was teaching our young new hire -who is already a great addition to the team- how important it is to be prepared, diligent, organized, patient, and most importantly, clean. It goes a long way when you are able to keep everything tidy as you go. Understanding the importance of that role is vital for new hires. If you want to move fast and have a smooth install you got to stay clean and organized. Good job team on the first couple of days working on installing these roller shades for Walen Construction. If you are looking for professional window treatments in Portland, get in contact with us.

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