How To: Measure Your Windows For Blinds

Measure Guide

Step 1: Decide if it’s Inside Mount or Outside Mount

A great choice when your window sill has a deep inset. This depth is typically 1.5″ – 6″

This is a good option when there is not much depth to utilize, it also helps block out more light so that there is less of a light gap around the edges of your windows.

Inside Mount
Outside Mount

Step 2: Measure Width

Measure the “WIDTH” at the top to the nearest 1/8″ measurement

If it is an “INSIDE MOUNT” take the shortest measurement.

Top reads 34″ 5/16
Use and round down to the nearest 1/8″ so in this example it would be 34″ 1/4

Why do I need to account for this?
ANSWER: Because the Manufacturer needs to deduct from the shade to insure a proper fit just for the variables of the framing inside is not plum, straight, out of whack, or the sheet rock guy didn’t do so great because he is on a time crunch and needs to get 3 more houses done by the end of the week…

If it is an “OUTSIDE MOUNT” use the correct dimension you wish to have no deductions will be taken.

So if you want 84″ 1/2 wide you will receive a product at 84″ 1/2 wide.

Step 3: Measure Height

Measure the “HEIGHT” on the left and right side of the window to the nearest 1/8″ measurement

Take the longest measurement.

Left side reads 54″ 1/8
Right side reads 54″ 1/4
Use the 54″ 1/4 as your measurement

Step 4: Control Location & Tilt Location

Decide which side you would like to have the controls on. Left or Right.

If the window blind is cordless you will not have to decide which side it will be on unless it’s a blind with slats. Blinds with slats still require you to control the tilt on the blinds themselves. If you need any help with your window blinds in Portland, feel free to call us.

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