Arnada Apartments has now been COMPLETED

We have had a great experience working with the PacifiCap Construction team. We are happy in assisting in providing manual roller shades and verticals. Since day one they have been very clear and well organized on what they were needing and looking for in providing an easy solution for window treatments for their client. The Project manager has been very communicative during the process and able to assist where was needed.

We won this project with PacifiCap Construction as Valley Shades, Inc was the best priced competitor in the Portland and Vancouver Metro area. When starting on any new project we try to provide all necessary documents required by the general contractors within 2 weeks. Now some projects can take longer than others depending on the size and complexity, but we can really get close in getting everything they need early on so we can cooperate with the architects.

This was a two building complex that we finished in two phases.

Products Used

  1. They chose to go with manual clutch operated roller shades on level 1.
  2. And G-85 Verticals for all floors above.
Example of when we would not want to come and do a field measure.

It’s important for us to get the correct measurements at the beginning of the project. If we can’t get this done properly then there would be potential for delays. If you as a contractor or owner wish for us to measure at this stage then we would have you sign off on a document that relieves Valley Shades, Inc. from any issues if the window treatment does not fit. Of course we would account for the deduction of sheet rock that would be applied but we highly recommend to wait until its done before we come out and measure.

Example of when is a good time for a field measure.

When everything is lined up and ready this allows us to come out in one phase and measure all windows so that we can install all product once it has arrived from the manufacturer.

The exercise space received white roller shades with clear anodized fascia. This product is a great solution for a storefront application. The fabric openness is 3% which allows for the person inside to still see outside and the one viewing from outside will have less visibility.

Each manufacturer has many different fabric choices to choose from. All of our manufacturers that we procure from have been in the industry for more than 20 years.


Vancouver, WA


Otak Architects, Inc.

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